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Landscape Services, Landscape Design, Lawn Edging, Soil Testing

In addition to landscape design and maintenance, we power wash patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

Prime Horizon Landscaping offers a wide range of landscape services that are designed to cover every aspect of your residential or commercial lawn care needs throughout every season. Mulching and planting flowers in the Spring, cutting grass in the Summer, trimming trees in the Fall, and performing general maintenance in the Winter, our year round landscape services will make sure that your lawn remains healthy and your home investments are worthwhile.

Prime Horizon Landscaping is fully licensed and insured for residential and commercial landscaping work. We have well-maintained commercial equipment and a professional, friendly team of responsible workers. Contact Prime Horizon Landscaping today for all of your Landscape Design and Landscape Maintenance needs!

Free Lawn Care Evaluation: At Prime Horizon Landscaping, we value trusting relationships. Let us begin our relationship with you by offering Free Lawn Analysis and Soil Testing. Our local, professional landscaping experts will examine your local environment to create your ideal landscape design and landscape maintenance program. By identifying the types of grasses, weeds, insects, and erosion patters of your lawn, we can better maintain a healthy and disease-free landscape.

Free Soil Testing: Our lawn analysis includes 14 point soil analysis. Determining the chemistry and type of soil is an important step before any landscape maintenance project because it determines which fertilizers are best to use, which plants will take hold, and which amendments to your lawn will be most successful for the long run.

Lawn Edging, Frontyard Landscaping, Landscape Design

Landscape Design: Our experienced and creative team can help you with frontyard landscaping ideas and backyard landscaping ideas. Our goal is to make your vision and dream a reality!

Organic Fertilization: At Prime Horizon, we use all organic fertilizers when we fertilize lawns, which don't contain toxic chemicals or synthetics. Organic fertilizers provide greater safety to children or pets that may play in your yard.

Lawn Mowing: We can mow all lawn areas on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our professional landscaping team is trained to cut your lawn at the right time and in the right manner to maintain a productive environment.

Landscape Edging: We provide garden edging and lawn edging, and we clean up all edges along sidewalks, curbs, and driveways to ensure your lawns and gardens look sharp.

Hedge Trimming: We specialize in hedge and shrub trimming. We trim along fences, buildings, and planters, while taking special care to promote the health of all trees and shrubs.

Mulching: Prime Horizon Landscaping has the necessary heavy equipment to remove pesky stumps, trim high tree limbs, and clean up overgrown shrubs. Our commercial sized wood chipper can be brought on site to grind stumps and tree limbs. We can re-use the mulch to complement your landscape design or we can have the mulch promptly removed from your yard. You never have to worry about dealing with a mess when dealing with Prime Horizon Landscaping!

Grass, Weeds, and Leaf Removal: We provide grass and weed removal from all cracks in sidewalks or patios. Leaf removal is an integral part of our long term landscape maintenance. Our reliable team will be thorough and prompt in removing leaves from your yards and curbs.

Power Washing: We can power wash almost any stone, concrete, or brick surface, leaving your house, patio, and walkways shining like new!

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