Landscaping for new home owners

Landscape Tips, Landscape Design, Landscape MaintenanceAs a new homeowner, you’re likely planning to purchase some of the tools and equipment needed to improve and maintain your lawn. But, before you head out to buy that mower or blower, take care of the most important thing first…safety. If there are overhanging limbs or precarious trees leaning your way, consult a professional to see if they need to be removed.

Take the time to envision your yard and the way you expect it to look in the future. While landscapes can be altered, landscapes are not meant to be a fashion trend. Prime Horizon Landscaping specializes in implementing a landscape design and securing its existence and growth for an extended period of time. Get a good idea and do it right the first time!

Invest in good landscape equipment if you want to take on tasks yourself. We can help consult with you on the best products to buy and how to safely use them.

Educate yourself on the types of trees, plants, shrubs, soils, and other conditions of your yard. The most important part of landscape design and landscape maintenance is knowing what you’re dealing with! Prime Horizon Landscaping takes landscape planning a scientific step further by offering FREE SOIL TESTING with our lawn care analysis.

Establish a trusting relationship with your certified landscape professional in North Carolina. Reliable workers are needed to adhere to leaf removal and lawn mowing schedules. Prime Horizon Landscaping pledges reliability and punctuality, never leaving you with a mess!

Shop around for the best value, great service at affordable prices. Prime Horizon Landscaping offers complete, top quality services at affordable prices. We will cut your lawn but we won’t cut corners! Call (919) 942-1808 today. We are happy to serve customers in Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas!